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Sports Mouthguards

Anyone who participates in sports knows that losing isn't the worst thing that can happen to a player; sustaining a serious injury is, particularly when that injury is preventable. That's why it's so important for adults and children who are active in sports to wear protective gear. Wearing a mouthguard can prevent serious injury and save a lot of pain.

  • Facial injuries can be sustained in nearly every game, from “contact” sports such as football, soccer and basketball, to “non-contact” sports like baseball, gymnastics, bicycling or skateboarding. Damage to the teeth, lips, tongue and jaws are frequent occurrences in both children and adults. General dentists see more injuries to the mouth as a result of playing sports than from almost any other single cause.

  • Mouthguards help prevent fractured jaws and teeth, severe cuts to the cheek and tongue, and traumatic damage to the roots and bone that hold teeth in place. Mouthguards are designed to help cushion the mouth, teeth and jaw, preventing significant damage where sports injuries are most prevalent. While mouthguards are not required equipment in many sports, wearing one is an important precaution for athletes of any age and ability.

  • For a mouthguard to be most effective, it is essential that it fit properly and stay in place during vigorous activity. Because growth spurts occur in the mouth just as they do elsewhere in the body, it’s especially important for your child’s mouth to be evaluated periodically.