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If you have been diagnosed with TMJ Dysfunction or you grind and/or clench your teeth, we may recommend a nightguard for you. Most tooth grinding, called bruxing is done while you are sleeping and is thus unnoticed by you. It is believed to be a subconscious reaction to stress, although like many symptoms of stress, it often occurs after the fact, often months or years later.


Studies have shown a link between nighttime tooth grinding and headaches. For people who grind or clench, the muscles that open and close the jaw can become painful from overuse, causing a range of symptoms from tension to migraine headaches. Bruxing can also cause premature wearing of enamel that causes the underlying layer of tooth (dentin) to be exposed, abfraction lesions - V shaped notches at the neck of your tooth where the gum line has receded, and clicking, popping or scraping in the jaw joints

A nightguard is a custom-made rigid appliance that is worn between your top and bottom teeth. It prevents your teeth from coming into contact, thereby preventing tooth damage. A nightguard also relieves excessive pressure and pain in the jaw by putting a space between the chewing surfaces of the teeth, disengaging the muscles of the head and neck and simultaneously opening the joint space of the TMJ.